Our History

Prior to the establishment of Putnam County Memorial Hospital, the health care needs of Putnam County residents were provided by the Monroe Hospital which was located 1 block South of the square in Unionville, Missouri.

In 1957 the Missouri State Hospital Facilities Committee mandated improvements necessary to keep the facility open.

At that time Dr. L. W. McDonald and Dr. C. L. Judd approached the local Rotary and Lion's Clubs explaining the improvements required for the facility to remain open.

Through coordination efforts of the Lion's and the Rotary Clubs, a hospital committee was appointed. After nearly six years of work, on September 29, 1963 Putnam County Memorial Hospital was dedicated. The first patient was admitted on October 13th of that year

In 1969 a 14 bed annex was dedicated when it became apparent that the facility did not have adequate space to accommodate the needs of the community.

Today the hospital structure sits much as it did when it was dedicated in 1969. However, the services offered have changed dramatically.

The original hospital provided acute care, obstetrics and surgery. As with the changing of time, the way medical treatment is given is continually changing as well. Medicine is vastly different today than it was in 1963.

Today Putnam County Memorial Hospital's main services are outpatient and specialty clinics yet we still maintain a highly effective acute care facility.

If we were just staying steady in the field of medicine, we would be moving backward and the world would pass us by. As we are changing with the times, we are continually upgrading our equipment to provide specialty studies as well as continuing education for all ancillaries; we strive to keep up with the changes that have been made from 1963 to today.